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Re: Richard Lainhart memorial

On Feb 28, 2012, at 6:24 AM, Jim Goodin wrote:

Some of you may know of Richard Lainhart (http://oldtownmedia.com) who passed away in December.

Correction Dept.-


Sounds like he was a pretty amazing guy. I was not aware of him, previously. Thanx for the alert, even on a sad note. His work still lives on...


There is a memorial service taking place this Sunday Mar 4 at 3pm at Roulette in Brooklyn.

In addition to his dedication to synthesis and electronic music Richard was also a filmmaker. One film of his History of the Future will be shown. There will be a live improv orchestra organized by Lucio Menegon, which I'm pleased to be part of, providing a sound score for this work.

The service is open to the public and should you be in the area please consider coming to remember the life and work of Richard.