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Re: Keeping your sets interesting

kay'lon rushing <k3zz21@gmail.com> was all:
> it is about the music. But music is expression and often feel like i lack
> that in performance.

Hmmmm, I'd say give yourself a break on this. These things come with
experience - if you want them to. I like that you want to look at the
expressive aspects. I'd say try this: When practicing, try different
ways of expressing - seriously force yourself to do something like
play keys hard and/or sloppy, or turn the volume way down while you're
playing and learn how to use subtle sounds. Your first attempts will
probably sound stupid to you at first. Over time, think about how the
sounds could be closer to what you're looking for. "No, it needs to be
more like this: (this lo-pass filter setting, a soft attack, not much
sustain, and a pitch bend like so)".

Meanwhile, think about what you really mean by expressiveness. Are you
talking about moods? Language? What do moods sound like? (Anger is a
real easy one - loud, sudden attacks and often a lot of distortion.)
This is stuff you can strategize about while you're away from your

Something that came up in the music discussion is that certain chords
and note relationships can also invoke moods, but that's a department
I don't know much about.

There's no reason why electronic instruments can't be as expressive as
acoustic ones - it just takes folks like you who want to tackle that
issue. A volume pedal works wonders for expressiveness. Same with the
pitch wheel and mod wheel on your keyboards. I have the mod wheel on
my microkorg set to a band pass filter, and it works great! Using
pitch, mod, and volume while playing notes, I can get really vocal
with it.

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com