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Re: Re: Re: Keeping your sets interesting

On 2/29/12 7:11 AM, kay'lon rushing wrote:
@Rick I sooo want to practice that but I never seem to get around to it. Either due to procrastination on other things i have to do or simply unplanned days.
Dear Kay'lon,

In life we are always trying to balance being spontaneous with having to take care of the things that need taking care of to 'keep our shit together' and then adding, our creative aspirations into the

I think you'll find that finding this balance, in the long run, will require increasing amounts of
conciousness about your own daily process.

You are very young and there is something to be said for let life wash over you.......just so you can
grow and learn.

As an older man, I probably have a lot less spontaneity than I had than you, but it is also balanced with having a lot more focus to accomplish the things I truly wish to accomplish which takes time.

One way that I think we can facilitate this is to self consciously set goals.

I know you are preparing for your first loop festival performance..........perhaps what you can tell yourself is that you can try to commit to one super focused 30 minute session a week so that by the time you are ready for your performance at the festival, you will have 10 or 12 practise sessions under your belt.

I promise you that if you do, it will be more than a lot of people who play the festival.

In other words,  it doesn't need to be all black or white.

I, personally, give myself rewards for doing projects or the hard work it sometimes takes to accomplish things............if I work for a few hours, I allow myself to go out and play pool
which I love.

either way, you will find your way and there's a lot of time ahead of you for finding that way.

I'm not worried about you in the slightest.......you have a lot of energy and an insatiable intellectual curiosity............you'll have a good set at Y2K12, I'm sure of it.

yours,  Rick