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FS: MIJ Roland Stereo Vol, 70s Ross Dist, Uniwah, FREE Echoplex manual ...

For sale, dirt cheap vintage pedals:

A.  Roland FV-200  Vintage Stereo Volume pedal - $55. Full size (12.5"x
4.25") old school volume pedal as used by all the great loopers and pros.
Run in mono or stereo with adjustable initial volume setting for swells or
complete quiet. Made in Japan w/ all metal construction but surprisingly
light and easy to carry. If you ever have one volume pedal THIS is the
one. Priced insanely low for a quick sale.

B. Original Ross Distortion - $85 - not a reissue (guessing form the late
70s-80s?). Blackface with cream colored (looks like glow-in-the-dark)
face. Pic doesn't do it justice, very cool classic and sounds great.

C.   1970s Univox Uniwah - $40!!! - Classic 70s wah with lots of Mojo.
There is something not engaging fully on this pedal so I am selling it for
$40 AS IS. The internal bulb goes on when stepped on and it does make
sound but doesn't sound like it's engaging the full effect. These have
sold for $150 recently and parts alone are worth more than my asking

Full pics up at: http://daedsound.com/Salez/FS.htm

Located in Phila PA. I accept Personal paypal, Regular paypal (buyer pays
fees), or USPS MO.

Finally I have an original spiral bound Gibson Digital Echoplex manual for
free. It's pretty substantial and I got it with my old beige face EDP in
the 90s. Pick up in Phila Pa or pay shipping and it's yours or will throw
in with any pedal or other purchase.

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