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Re: Secret Identities


I use TripleOhNine as my stage name, but also use my real name.  Sometimes 
I call my laptop TripleOhNine, sometimes its the show itself, but I imply 
that I am really TripleOhNine.  This ambiguity contributes to what I 
believe is the deconstruction of the human, and the way each of us is 
becoming more of a cyborg as we become reliant on technology to the point 
where it becomes a part of who we are.

I chose TripleOhNine because 09-09-09 was my fortieth birthday and I 
wanted to use a stage name that launched a new era of creativity in my 

My secret identity is actually something else entirely.  I am actually 
Lady Gaga, but please don't tell anyone.

Michael (3x09) <Lady Gaga>