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Re: Secret Identities

I know music more about Lady Gagas outfits and image than I know about her music!

I like the outfits... shame about the music...

I got lured into watching her 'Monsters Ball' special on TV with my wife. She's a choreographer and wanted to check out the staging, costumes and spectacle of it.

I just watched along and kindof faded in and out of interest, since I'm not a fan, really.

Throughout the show, there are lots of backstage and 'behind the scenes' camera shots, which offer an interesting perspective of just how much goes into a large scale production like that.

It was at the end of the movie, however, that grabbed me...Lady is in a dressing room, getting prepped for the show, surrounded by her backup singers.  And they dive into an acapella, gospel tinged take of her hit 'Born This Way'...

Just four or five ladies and their voices.

I still wouldn't consider myself a fan, but that take and it's emotional impact is badass and was worth the price of admission by itself.

Worth checking out, IMHO