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Re: RE: LP-2 Update (for Gary Lehman, especially)

On 3/1/12 10:25 AM, Clayton Gary Lehmann wrote:
Hello list members,
I sent Bob emails from both of my addresses, nothing.
I checked with my bank, they paid him
Subtotal: 300.00
Tax: 27.75
Shipping: 17.00
Total: 344.75
As requested. So I paid tax and shipping on an item I have not only not
received, but also about which I have not been communicated with.
Sorry, that's not very grammatical, I will try again.
He's got my money and I have received not so much as a how do you do.
I am mad.
Sorry again.
As you can see, I have CCed him.
My next step is to get my bank to file a claim and get my stinkin' money
This is no way to do business.

Relax, Gary, I've never read that you wanted a refund. This is the first time.

I actually counseled you to ask for a refund quite a while back because I saw that you were very impatient (you've written this list several times about it) but you indicated you were still waiting.

I'm very sorry you are pissed about this so I will call Bob today to send you a refund.

You can write me from now on if you want any updates on that, but rest assured, I'll do it today.

btw, what email are you using for Bob, just to make sure that's not been the disconnect.

yours,   Rick