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Re: Re: Keep your sets interesting - reprise

On 3/2/12 10:26 AM, andy butler wrote:
Petri Lahtinen wrote:

40 minutes of drum solo is quite a challenge, what do you think ;-)

to listen?
Actually,  this video has a few takes in it.
The brushes portion of the video has an end at around 11 minutes or so.
Then the camera switches and he does a stick solo.

I'm a trap set drummer and I have to say that i loved the brushes solo but
the stick solo is a lot less interesting to me (given that he is a wonderful drummer).

For my tastes, his drum palette is somewhat limited because of the hi pitches and relative close tuning of the tom toms. I know this is idiomatic and works well in jazz, but the brush solo had a lot more variety of sound and contrast.

just my take on it....