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Re: Re: so long

Once again, thanks for your words and insight, Rick.
Waiting for that e-mail ;-)

2012/3/3 Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com>
On 3/2/12 1:40 PM, bill bigrig wrote:

Thanks Bill for sharing the story of the wobblies and their persecution.
What a horrific story.........such a blemish on the history of this country
(which I wish was completely anomolous, but isn't).

The huge difference between that story and ones that could potentially
have happened in the US in this day an age is the proliferation of
cell phone cameras and mass media sites.

I don't think the Arab spring would be happening now if it wasn't for the proliferation
of media on the planet.

"The whole world's watching"   as we used to say in the protests in the late 60's

Only, now,  it's possible.

In the long run,  I think this will be the downfall of the repressive regime in China.
As the country becomes more and more prosperous, more and more people will
get their hands on ubiquitous and inexpensive technology........cell phones,  smart
phones, cheap digital camcorders, etc.

Horrific oppression, not unlike abuse on a personal level always occurs in the dark.

I saw a bumper sticker here while back that said,

"Secrecy Sickens"

Maybe all of this inexpensive technology will ultimately be the thing that liberates
a lot of the world.     I'm not naive enough to think of this in a utopian mode, but
at least I have some hope.

thanks for posting,
Rick Walker