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OT: Setting xover for 2.1 setup

Ok, wildly offtopic for the studio sound geeks here:

I am using a monitoring setup consisting of two Dynaudio BM5A nearfields, which are specified with 50-21k Hz (and crossover at 1.5kHz, in case that's relevant). Right now, when using a calibrated K-setup, they are running at -10dB for K-20 calibrated monitoring, so there's enough level remaining "to the top".

I decided to extend that to a 2.1 setup using a single Dynaudio BM14S. Now the nearfields have a HP, offering flat, 60Hz and 80Hz frequencies, while the sub can be set to LP at 50-150Hz.

Now, I'm deciding between the 60 or 80 Hz crossover. My line of argument goes like this:
60 Hz:

   * generally, easier to get to sound good w/ regard to phase thingies
   * larger range in binaural reproduction.


   * could get more SPL (but not relevant here)
   * would relieve the nearfields' LF speakers to concentrate more on
     the low mids.

Ok: your recommendations?


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