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Re: 16 bit 48 all we need?

I use Adobe Audition as my Wave editor, and have used it for recording up to now, when hence forth I will record in Live 8. I always record in 48 kHZ / 32 bit for the same reason mentioned earlier. I always do a lot of track processing and find in more comforting to have the extra bit headroom. Uses a little more drive space,
but better safe than sorry.

I prefer to listen to music at 48 kHZ, and record all my LP transfers in the same resolution. Often I'm listening to 32 bit audio LP transfers on the HD. Whether I "prefer" the distortion of the higher res or not, 48kHZ files always sound better to me than 44.1, just as I always preferred the DAT to listen to for LP Transfers over the CD back when DAT's first came out.


On 3/6/2012 10:21 AM, mark francombe wrote:
I snagged this URL from Geir Jennsens (biosphere) Fb page... if its
true its pretty interesting, any audiophiles wanna confirm or deny?
Maybe it's common knowledge?


I'm pretty lo fi, have bad equipment. and never really been able to
hear "good quality" I have always put high fidelity down to " good
mixing" rather than high specs... so I enjoyed what I read here...


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