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Tape Loops (Paul McCartney from RS....)

i don't even have my RS "all access" thing set up. i can check to see if the article is online. honestly, this blip i typed out from below i thought was the most interesting thing from it....
this is all the talk of tape loops, they were just talking about the process for making his next record....

care to share that link? RS?

2012/3/6 Scott Hansen <evanpeewee@gmail.com>
read this in a recent issue of RS...issue w/ paul mccartney....
"Up in Studio Two's control room, the most melodic songwriter of his generation
is making some serious noise. McCartney is twisting knobs on an ancient tape machine, messing with a loop of a guitar lick
he just played. He speeds it up until it becomes a beyond-Yoko shriek, slows it down until it sounds like droning sludge. He punches
"stop" and smiles. "We do have fun, don't we?"
  He's working with producer Ethan Johns-the tall, bearded son of producer-engineering Glyn Johns, who worked on 'Let it Be'-on
potential tape-loop overdubs for 'Hosannah.' "
thought it was interesting to read about tape loops and speeding up & slowing them down....being used on his recent project....