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Re: Unreliable Midi

This is GREAT advice!  If only I had known. . .


On Mar 8, 2012, at 8:14 AM, D. Webb wrote:

> Here's my bit on Windows, XP vs Vista vs Win7, and USB stuff:
> I use XP.  I have never used Vista, but people I know who have say 
> they've had nothing but trouble.  I have not yet used Win7 but hear good 
> reports about it.  Well, better, anyway.
> kay'lon noted a problem with USB ports shutting down "after a time."  
> This is a known issue with XP and appears to continue with Win7.  The 
> problem is that Windows, always assuming it knows more than the user, 
> controls the power to all USB hubs by default.  You need to override the 
> default if you are counting on a USB port that has been idle for a while 
> being instantly available when you need it.  This is how you do that in 
> XP:
>    *  START > Control Panel - Double-click the "System" Control Panel
>    *  Select "Hardware" tab, click the "Device Manager" button
>    *  Scroll down to the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" item and 
> click the '+' sign at the left to expand it
>    *  You will see a number of items labeled "USB Root Hub" at the 
> bottom of the expanded list - for each one do the following:
>        *  Right-click the item line text or icon and select Properties;
>        *  Select the Power Management tab;
>        *  Uncheck the box that says "Allow the computer to turn this 
> device off to save power."
>        *  If you only want to disable Windows power control for USB 
> ports in use, the Power tab will list the device(s) using that USB hub.
> If you are using an Ethernet connection in XP to transport audio into or 
> out of the computer, this same default power control is being done on 
> network cards, and can be overridden in a similar manner.
> I hope someone finds this information useful.
> dick webb