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Re: Unreliable Midi

Hey Michael,
as you know I use Bidule under Windows on my laptop.
I still use XP Service pack 2 happily. Never had troubles with USB since I adopted that configuration (2008) and I always have a Nanokontrol connected.
Old as you like, but it still works pretty well for me (and that's why I still stick with that configuration)
Just my experience.


Il giorno 07/mar/2012, alle ore 17:01, "Michael Peters" <mp@mpeters.de> ha scritto:

I'm continuously pissed off by the way that my various USB midi controllers turn up or don't, or get confused, or disappear, on my Vista notebook. Advice needed!


I use Bidule but it isn't Bidule's problem, it is a Windows Vista problem. Does it get better with Window7? are there any tools that I can use to monitor what happens, or to better take care of the USB devices?


I regularly use two Nanokontrols and a Softstep. Sometimes I use a Nanopad, a Nanokey, and an Axon midi converter.  I usually load a Bidule first that only consists of Midi monitors so that I can see which devices work and which don't, so that I can unplug/replug them.


Some of the symptoms are


- the Softstep sometimes disappears. I have to unplug and replug it to come up again. Today it refuses to show up even though Windows makes a recognize sound when I plug it it.

- the various Nano devices get mixed up often, or don't all show up.

- when plugging them into different ports, everything gets mixed up


This is driving me nuts. I can't believe there is no remedy for this (and no, I don't want Apple products :)