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Selling Orange Thunderverb 50 amp head

I'm selling my Orange Thunderverb 50 amp head. Times are tough and I am 
$500 overdraft in my account, so I need to let go of this. I really don't 
want to, but I also don't want to file for bankruptcy. I can get an Orange 
down the road. I can't get my life back after filing for bankruptcy.

With the 2-channel Orange Thunderverb 50 Head, you get the boutique sound 
that has made the Thunderverb 200 a success, but with the performance of a 
smaller amp. The result is that you can push the Thunderverb 50 Head hard 
enough to overdrive its power tubes without either dialing up the 
attenuator or traumatizing your house pets. The variable attenuator allows 
you to record with the same tone that you play with live, without running 
the risk of blowing out your mics. That makes the Thunderverb 50 Head an 
invaluable tool both on stage and in the studio.

When you play live with the Thunderverb 50 Head, you have several great 
tone-shaping options. Three footswitch inputs make it easy to instantly 
switch between playing styles. One footswitch lets you jump between 
attenuated and the full sound of the Thunderverb 50 Head's output. If 
you're familiar with using the gain knob on your guitar to hit your tubes 
with varying intensity, this is a great way to make sure you get the right 
amount of breakup at the output volume you want. 

Another footswitch lets you kick in or out the spring style reverb that 
puts the "verb" in the Thunderverb 50 Head's name. And what would a 
2-channel amp be without an instant way to jump between the clean A 
channel and the dirty B channel? The A channel gives you a wide tonal 
range that revives some of the qualities of the earliest clean-style 
Orange amps. The B channel delivers bone-crushing punch and screaming 
drive! By using the Thunderverb 50 Head's new shape control, you can scoop 
some of the mids and pile up the bass and treble, or you can tap into the 
3-band EQ (the same on the Rockerverb series) and dial in your signature 

Orange Thunderverb 50 Head 2-channel All-tube Class A/B Amplifier Features:
Attenuator: variable
Output: 50 Watts RMS, 16 ohms
Valves: 2 X EL34, 4 x ECC83/12AX7 2 x ECC81/12AT7
Speaker output: 1 x 16ohm, 2 x 8ohm
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 55cm (21.7") x 25.5cm (10") x 28cm (11")
Weight: 25kgs (55 lbs.)
Channel A controls: Gain, Shape, Volume.
Channel B controls: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume
Attenuator control: footswitchable for both channels
Reverb control: foot switcahble for both channels

It is in great shape. Almost as if you bought it from the store. Selling 
it for $1600 or best offer ( please, give a reasonable best offer ). No 

Please do not low-ball, I'd not sell this at all if I didn't need to.