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Boomerang midi sync and how to check software version

Hey guys, I bought a used Rang lll a few weeks ago, from august 2011 - how do I check if the original owner or the guy I bought it from has installed version 2.1 or it's still on 2.0 ?

More importantly, any news on midi sync from an external source? On thegearpage they discuss a late 2011 e-mail survey sent out from the guy running the company, to mailing list ppl, asking for input on what midi features the owners want.. I would love to be able to sync it up to my external soundcard and macbook, especially since I do a lot of online jamming via Ninjam, where metronome sync is pretty key..

So i plan on going live with a one-man show starting in April, and was hoping someone had info on this matter? (need to decide what to do in terms of setup and approach)

Thanks :)

De Bedste Hilsner / Best Regards

Torben Scharling - Mobile: +45 61 66 60 09 - e-mail: ts@torbenscharling.com