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Re: Footswitch Enquiry

or re-wire the FS.5.. you REALLY need those lights?


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On 26 Mar 2012, at 01:00, Jeff Duke <jeffloops@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Phil, I replaced my FS-5 that went bad and built switches for all kinds of gear using parts from Radio Shack. Just a small plastic box, a 1/4 in jack and a momentary button. I believe the FS-6 just uses batteries for the lights although it won't work if the batt goes dead. Depending on the app any normally on or off momentary (depending) should work to do what you want. So a 1/4 stereo jack, two momentary buttons and a box = cheap!


On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 6:19 PM, Phil Clevenger <phil.clevenger@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey delightful loopers -

Anyone have a recommendation for a replacement for my Boss FS-6 dual footswitch?

It's the only battery-sucking piece in my whole setup and it's starting to piss me off... there is no PSU option for it at all.

I know Mr. Bill Walker has a nice, and small, piece from the Loop-Masters people, but I am loathe to get on a 6 month waitlist for them to build it... been there done that ;)

Other thoughts?

Phil :)