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Re: What are the looper features that manufacturers are stupid to leave out?

Jeff Duke schrieb:
Why are all loopers that have a reverse/half speed capability "phrase samplers"? Why can't a delay pedal have these features?
This really depends on your definition of "phrase samplers". The EDP which, due to its concept of "primary feedback", is (to me) the closest to a delay of all proper loopers, has reverse (although if I remember correctly only got it in a later SW version?).

Depending on the way a delay is built technically, doing reverse is more or less tricky. Furthermore, most delay effects are not used as loopers, so reverse algorithms typically taylor to the "realtime reverse guitar solo" application, such as in e.g. the TC D2, Line6 DL4, SMM w/Hazari, Sony GR-MP5 or whatever. They always have some kind of "intelligence" which tells them when to kick into reverse, which can produce rather unpredictable results, which, depending on what you're after, can be fun - try it running two different reverse delays in parallel and see what happens.

Btw, there's a fun thing in the SMM w/Hazari, which is the 1sec+Rev Multitap mode, where in addition to a 1sec multitap delay, you get the possibility to play back the last 6 seconds in reverse by pressing a button.


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