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dream loopers and makers (make our DREAM SUPER DD20!!!)

yes, matt is right below. the funny thing w/ all the loopers i've been through in the last 11 yrs, there have been a few that were
"almost there" w/ the right features:
-the boss rc20-it was simple to turn on/off, you could fwd/reverse it-which was a great feature...ALL IT NEEDED was a time modulation knob (for pitchshifting).
-EH 16ddl-you reissue this pedal for short time, but then pull it and go w/ a more complicated and expensive pedal (2880), which is of course now discontinued.
but teh 16 ddl was a good pedal-just take it, make the interface more user friendly-knobs instead of sliders...make sure it will accept a distorted signal (that was a bummer for this thing!)
-i know we talk about the SUPER DD20 (which i would love), but honestly, the boss dd7-is a pedal that is almost there-instead of a million delay types in it-just make it a bit longer 8 sec?) put a reverse in it, and pitch option, ok, for the tap folks, have it be between size of single dd7 style pedal and double dd20 pedal-you can have the on/off delay switch (which for me would be great for engaging the loop option) then have the 2nd pedal be the tap to keep the tap folks happy. it seems doable to me-doesn't have to cost a fortune.
-digitech-reissue the pds8000-it's impossible to me that w/ all the software things now, we can't reissue this thing w/ a bit more time (16 sec?), put reverse in, make sure it has the pitch options.....ok, maybe i'm dreaming....
yes, for me, the midi functions i could care less about. the multiply or divide functions i could care less about (heck-i still don't think i know what midi means!!!)
it just seems silly that we can't create a long delay pedal w/ a few extras on it (yes, i like feedback option-it's a delay option, i like it!!!!)
maybe i need to start just sending an email a week to manufacturers, begging them to do something....enough w/ the crappy phrase samplers that are just static!!!
matt said:
A source of amusement for me is that every few months, a discussion
comes up on this list along the lines of "what are the features you
think no looper should be without". Within a few emails, we have specs
for a looper that has so many necessary "basic features" that it would
cost more than $1,000, and would be very complex to operate.

In the end, I think I like the idea of creating one line of devices
for simpletons like myself, who mostly want a long looping time,
feedback control, reverse/half speed and a simple, intuitive
interface. If you gave me the ability to pitch bend the loop like a
tape machine, and I'll be as happy as a pig in shit. (Perhaps even

Then one could create a second line of devices for the feature hounds.
That could have the multiplies, divides, midi syncs, multiple loops,
undo, fraction replaces, etc for the folks who want all the bells and

Matt Davignon