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Re: Trippy little synth


I personally have not tried it.

But (don't laugh), a friend of a friend has one and is in allegedly love 
with it.

This fellow is a multi-instrumentalist and owns more gear than you can 

This thing has entirely captured his imagination and he is using little 
else lately (apparently).

Supposedly, all the little quirks built into it make it a pretty deep 
device, and quite capable.

That's all I know - other than visiting the website 

It does sound intriguing.


On May 1, 2012, at 1:47 AM, Philip wrote:

> Has anyone tried the Teenage Engineering OP-1? It looks like a toy, but 
> it looks like a lot of fun.
> I just ran across this compilation album that only uses the OP-1
> http://noorden.bandcamp.com/