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plan, schedule and instructions for the Looper's Delight / Livelooping Conference 2012

Hello, everybody! It has been decided as far as when the Looper's Delight 
Livelooping Conference 2012 is going to be. The following message contains 
the time and instructions on 
how to log in. I will repost this closer to the end of the month as a 
reminder, but try to save this information now.
Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 2, 2012 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM US 
Eastern Time. This is the Looper's Delight / Livelooping Conference. 
People will get to talk in 
real-time about audio loops, different ways to use them, loop history and 
culture, and much more. If 
you have your equipment on hand during the digital conference, you can 
create loops live on the spot for all 
to hear. Remember, this conference will be recorded. We will be using the 
Conversation Station conference system. The 
instructions are found below; go ahead, it doesn't hurt to practice 
logging in before the chat! Logging 
into an empty chatroom doesn't hurt the server.
Log in to Conversation Station. Dial the following phone number to get 
there: 1-616-883-2999. You 
will hear some sound. Skip all that intro and advertising nonsense at the 
beginning by pressing Pound. It will 
tell you "Press 1 for live rooms." This is a live room, so press 1. It 
will then ask you 
to enter the room code and press Pound. This particular channel is 5667 
(the easy way to remember 
5667 is that, on a phone, it spells L O O P). So, dial 5667, and press 
You will then hear my voice on a recording, introducing the Looper's 
Delight / Livelooping 
Conference. After the welcome recording, it will tell you what's next. 
"Please say your name, then 
press Pound." Once you do that, voila! You are in the chat room. Any time 
you need help with 
Conversation Station commands (such as muting yourself) just hit Star 
twice while you're in the chat room. It will 
temporarily sign you off, and an electronic voice will tell you your 
commands. Then it will 
automatically sign you back into the chat. When the show is over (or you 
are done with the chat), it will sign 
you off when you hang up, but we recommend pressing 0 (the exit command in 
Conversation Station) first.  So, 
Saturday, June 2, 2012, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Time.
Tyler Z