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Live's Looper Volume vs. Input and Doubling

Hoping someone can help me resolve this...

First, I've used Live's looper in two ways. I have put it in an audio track, and then for any live instrument track I want looped, I routed the output of that track to the Looper track. Works great. I've also put the looper in one of the Return tracks, and then set the output of my live instrument tracks to Sends Only. Also works fine.

However, this is the issue. I want to be able to loop my live music, and then lower or increase the volume of the loop output. The only way I can do this, since the Looper doesn't have a volume parameter, is to assign my a CC to the track volume that the looper is in. However, when I lower the volume, it also lowers the volume of my live instrument, that is being fed into the looper track. The only way I could think of resolving this is that when I run the Looper in a Return track, in the instrument track, I set the output to Master. But then, I am doubling my inputs to the Master. I am sending the output of my live instrument to both the Master and the Send track.

Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?