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Re: Distortion problem

I did some more experiments and I don´t understand it at all:
The distortion-problem I described appeared at the following knob 
positions: Input 10 o´clock, output 9 o´clock=green Input light but, 
output distorted
Now I changed the positions to: Input 8,5 o´clock, output 2 o´clock. In 
this combination I have no distortion, though the Input Indicator is 
mostly orange. 
I don´t understand how these knobs interact. Can someone explain me that?

Am 07.05.2012 um 12:09 schrieb Carsten Wegener:

> I have a distortion problem. When I play my instrument, I set the input 
> level, so that the light never turns red or even orange.
> If I then record the loop, I can already see during the recording, that 
> the feedback is turning red/orange sometimes and so parts of my loop are 
> distorted.
> I can help this by turning down the feedback level after recording or by 
> setting the input level lower and turn up the output.
> But I think there must be way to find the right level just with the 
> input indicator light without guessing what might come out after 
> recording. That´s a very unprecise method.
> I read the manual again, but couldn´t find anything helpful. Did I 
> overlook something again?
> Do you have any suggestions? 
> Carsten