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Looping has feelings

I love that after someone started a thread about "How NOT looping is
good for me", someone else started a thread called "How looping IS
good for me". There there, Looping, don't let those mean people make
you feel bad.

When I'm playing in my band (tinyowl.bandcamp.com), looping feels more
like cheating: The drummer and bass player each get one voice, but I
can get multiple. I'm trying to train myself to loop in less invasive
ways - such as creating a very very subtle textural bed, or to record
a loop and make live manipulation of that loop my instrument in a
while. I don't think it should ever be a 100% one way or the other
thing though.

Even in solo sets, I try to have occasional passages where I'm not
looping. It's a bit of a challenge when your instrument is something
that's mildly annoying to hear when used without effects (drum
machine). It's fun though - it feels a bit like trapezing without a
net. Also, I think it adds strongly to the dynamic variety of a set.

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com