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Re: Looping has feelings

"I too like the game to never letting a loop play back sounding exactly
the same as last round."

I play this game too but interpreted the idea to mean that as each layer is added some obvious change is made.  This would mean leaving room in the mix for something new to be noticed.  That's an important part of my aesthetic, for some reason. If you can't hear any new layers the song is done.

Glassmaking a decorative air bubble enclosed in a glassvessel; air bell."

Ok, this brings me to my next question:  What sound does an air bell within a glass vessel make? (With the origin being the hurt feelings of livelooping.)  

I had to ask.


2012/5/8 Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net>
LOL... Yeah, Looping has feelings...
They're probably like this:
"I can't take that anymore... Do we have to go thru this... AGAIN?..."


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