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more details about the Looper's Delight / Livelooping Conference 2012

Hello, loopers! We have more details about the Looper's Delight / 
Livelooping Conference 
2012, on June 2, 2012, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM US Eastern Time. I will repost 
log-in (dial-in) directions later this month as a reminder. Yes, this 
conference will be recorded and 
made available as a digital file or album of some sort. And, over the 
phone lines, you will be able 
to share your loops that you do live (or tracks that you already 
recorded). And we can chat like we can on the 
mailing list, but in realtime; it's as live as live looping! Of course, we 
recommend that you keep 
bad language to a minimum; I've heard people go crazy in this forum! If 
there is just one strong word, it 
will be a few months before upload; we need to pull out some editing 
software and bleep stuff. But it will 
probably still be available uncensored (in telephone quality) where you 
can listen over the phone-lines 
on the Conversation Station Recordings Index. So, do you think that the 
conference should be available for free after 
the show is over, or do you think it should be released as a Looper's 
Delight CD?
Tyler Z