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Recommendation for multi-fx with long delay

yes, the zoom g3-has 5 sec of delay. not sure if it's great. you can' t modulate the time or anything. it just stops and resets to new time. i've used the looper once in it. it's easy to use. basic.
the old digitech rp100 (small) had 2 sec of delay which i loved for glitchy goodness. some people had lots of +/- about it's amp models sound, this is from 2000 though, i thought it was good.
the upgraded rp155 series (there was the 150 also)-these are all the smaller of the multi-effects-it upgraded to 5 sec of delay. i didn't think it was as good as the rp100.
it could glitch and all,but just didn't seem to do well w/ the full 5 sec i thought. (although better than the zoom g2 series)
didn't someone once say that the vox multieffect unit thing from a few yrs ago had 10 sec of delay on it? can't remember the model #s, i almost bought one once when someone raved about it on here.
i dont' have much experience w/ other multi-effects units-never had a boss unit-never had any korg units.
i do think that when you get multi-effect unit-the delay in it, is sort of a bonus if it has any features that can be exploited. they are usually pretty basic.
if you're needing a long delay i would think just going w/ the boss dd20 (23 sec) would be worth it. i've debated getting one again.
i stil like my digitech dl8, i use if for the 8 sec of delay and do love it--when you manipulate the time it does more of the glitchy/warp vs holding notes and varispeed/pitch shift up or down...
i sort of dream that maybe someday digitech will rerelease and updated pds8000 maybe w/ some expanded time to do those fun bill frisell varispeed things....i can dream.
good luck!