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Re: 3 million hits with livelooping

Am 25.04.12 22:22, schrieb andy butler:
It takes skill and effort to make them of course.

Those who didn't like it, didn't see that fact it seems...
If you browse through his other videos including some "how to's" its evident, that his skills are the result of hard work. And he has fun to share it...
Its not the music, its something else which attracts me.
Its this attitude of a child playing a game just for fun. He believes he is cool, and it seems at least 10% of those who came across it agree to it (or it would not create so many hits), which in turn keeps him going... That these sunglasses are mega uncool, which I would agree to as well, does not diminish my respect for his work as such. If he is an important artist is questionable, but for sure he is a damn good entertainer and entertainment is an art form of its own. Don't mix it up with music...


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