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Re: Re: Looper's Delight donation

Dear Violet,  It's good to hear from you and so candidly.

We all can only imagine what you've been through in the past two years, Violet and have a lot
of empathy for you.

Please know that this is a community and we all loved and appreciated Kim and his contribution. All you need to do is ask and there will be people here to help you with the site.

I think people really want the site itself to become more current and to reflect what is really going on with this community. I know people want it to be a resource for looping gigs, festivals and new gear reviews. It really needs to stay current and it's way too much for one person to do.

We're evolving as a community and we all desire Loopers Delight to evolve commensurately.
Please reach out to us for help.   The help is there, I am almost sure.

Be well and thanks for writing.

Rick Walker

On 5/16/12 2:32 AM, Violet Xoxox wrote:
At 6:56 PM -0400 5/15/12, Tyler wrote:
Hello. If I go to the Looper's Delight website and donate money, will it
go to good use? Or is that an old outdated button from 2006?
The donate button is current and 100% of every donation goes directly
toward server costs.  Any amount is appreciated!  I'm sorry I haven't been
able to write to personally thank everyone who's donated.  I've kind of
been a wreck the past couple of years.

This seems a good opportunity to mention that now that estate issues have
finally been resolved, I'll be able to move foward on updating the site.
It's probably going to be a slow process (made more difficult for reasons I
can't go into without upsetting myself, and I'm still struggling so hard to
pull myself up out of the darkness, I rather not do that), but my hope is
that even if the process of updating does end up being slow, it will at
least be steady.  I just have to keep trying to do the best I can to make
it through one day at a time, not just with LD, but everything.  This is
such a challenging time, filled with overwhelming and scary stuff I've
never had to deal with before, and getting through it with no family or
partner to even just give me a hug or tell me they love me on a shitty day
has been brutal.  Surviving has been, and continues to be, a painful
journey, one I nearly didn't go on, not by choice, but because everything
in me simply shut down and broke down and stopped.  The fact that I'm still
here to move into the future at all is a miracle.  So, y'know, whatever I
manage to get done, whether it's taking a shower or eating actual food or
just waking up one more day, I'm proud of myself for getting that far, and
that's important to me, being proud that I'm still fighting the fight.
Small victories don't seem so small any more.  Realising that small
victories are still victories is kind of nice, but being satisfied with
baby steps is hard when you're someone who's always wanted to have
everything in the world done by yesterday and only knows how to do things
by pushing yourself to the breaking point instead of pacing.  I'm trying to
learn how to go easy on myself.  It's hard.  I spend a lot of time
reminding myself about the tortoise and the hare, trying to stay positive.

So, yeah, anywho, now that I've given myself yet another pep talk....

By the way, Tyler, I've really been enjoying your posts.  Your questions
and observations are always interesting.  I wish you could have known Kim.
I think you would have liked him.

I really liked the "Why NOT Looping..." thread, too.  You guys are always
good for a laugh.  Well, mostly.  LOL