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Fw: EchoLoop in Live -- any lick MIDI mapping with the FCB1010?

I am going to post this here to see if anyone has figured out a solution. Basically, I am sending notes from the FCB1010 to Live. The cool thing is that in the looper's interface, and in Live, I can actually go into the MIDI map mode, click my mouse on the actual Record button in the looper interface, and Live will map one of my FCB1010 pedals to it. And I can see it trying to work when I press my FCB1010 food pedal.

The problem is that when I do the mapping, in the parameters section of Live, for the looper (bottom of screen), it shows the parameter as a scale between 0 and 1, like a slider. When I press the button, it basically acts like a button press and hold, rather than a button press and release. I am thinking there must be something I can do in Live to re-interpret the FCB1010 notes data as a toggle and not a press and hold.

On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:22 PM, Boise Creative & Improvised Music
Festival <krispen.hartung@gmail.com> wrote:

Per, have you used Matthias' EchoLoop in Live yet?
It seems to load up fine, but I am noticing some strange things when MIDI
mapping my FCB pedals to the buttons. For example, when I map to the Record
button, and press it, it seems to hold the button down and not release.  I
am assuming there is a toggle parameter in the looper somewhere? I do not
see it.