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Re: EchoLoop in Live -- any lick MIDI mapping with the FCB1010?

This is turning into an interesting trip.

Ok, so I put Mobius into an Audio track, created a MIDI track that listens to my FCB, sent that MIDI signal to the Mobius track, and everything works perfectly. Loop on! (As Per suggests). Then I took that same Live project, as is, and replaced the Mobius VST with the EchoLoop VST. Then I re-figured my FCB so that my Record button is sending Note #38. That should work, right? So I press the record button. The Record button on the EchoLoop lights up red for a second then goes green....nothing. After that, it won't even respond to the FCB button press. This is using the EchoLoop and not changing anything on its parameters. I think I am using the Ambient preset, which comes up default. I suspect I need to re-configure the EchoLoop somehow, or there is a more serious problem going on. Seems like it should not be this difficult.