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Re: Cheap sampler

k3zz21@gmail.com schrieb:
im looking for a rack sampler more along the lines of what the roland 
sp404 can do. just without the pads or other on board controls
Hi Kay'lon,

I guess the problem you'll be facing is that rack samplers have been a thing of the past for quite some time. Today, the only sampling thingies are either DJ-oriented workstations (e.g. MPC, Korg Microsampler) or computer-based solutions (although most of them aren't even able to record samples anymore).

Of course, as Rick mentioned, old hardware samplers (such as the Emu E5K, Emu E6400, Akai S6000 etc.) can be had today quite cheap, but: all of those are pre-USB, pre-flash-storage, which means the only way to store data is via (legacy) SCSI. This shouldn't mean it can't be done, rather that it will require additional expenses for the entire workflow to work properly. E.g. getting a SCSI interface for the computer.

Soooo, most probably the easiest solution would be something like a software sampler running on a kinda-computer thingie (e.g. phone, pad, netbook), or you get an oldskool rack sampler - but know what you're getting yourself into.


(who still has an old Emu ESi-32 from days gone by (this thing is so outdated that I didn't even try to sell it...), and a Kurzweil K2600XS, because no other thing I know offers something like its live sampling capability).

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