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Re: Interesting controller

"Oh sure, I would never use it for the things depicted in the video, though
after a few months my deltoids would be ripped!  Bolt one of these on a
guitar however."
Bingo, I'm very interested in seeing where gestural control is heading, and it seems like a no brainer for things like CC control of effects, the ability to wave ones hand and have the sound change subtly or dramatically, could definitely have possibilities. I've already integrated a wifi to midi controller via my I phone and even though it means I have to free a hand to use it, its great for setting up my looper in advance or triggering functions that I can free up a hand for. Plus its  kind of cool to be able to end a set by leaving the stage and be messing with the dubbing of your tracks while fading the tracks away, Now that i've been using it for a while I'm really attached to having it available.

"You're right, tactile feedback would limit what you would do.  I'm
imagining it like a D-beam on steroids, useful for continuous control of
effects, virtual faders, maybe loop triggers.  They would have to be
simple and "large" objects since you can't spend a lot of time thinking
about where your hands go."

 of course, not exactly the best choice for first loop creation but it could provide some use for controlling  effects parameters , controlling panning, 

Plus it's a new way we can look ridiculous.

Exactly!!! imagine the scenario..... There I am on stage dodging flying panties and roses and the occasional bottle when I thrust my devil horns gesturing fist forward unleashing a fusillade of self oscillating delay feedback and searing distortion, the crowd screams, then I wave my hand from one side of the cavernous hall to the other panning the howling din  as the crowd waves there hands in synchronistic unison, as the  song comes to and orgiastic climax I spin my hand in a circle above my head sending the music spiraling around the room as the flash pots explode and Lady Gaga descends  from the rafters on a a giant inflatable banana  for our power ballad duet.!!!!!