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RE: Octatrack 1.2 -- a new looper

> Marcus Kirby wrote:
> > Can you sync a pickup machine to a drum track? Or can you only go vice versa?
> from the demo, even syncing drum track to pickup machine is *not* working
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtXyfHP7LW8
> Same loop length, unrelated start point.
> ....but they'll fix that.

I think that was a BETA bug that is fixed (or it can be down to how he playes the guitar loop...)
> The question I'd want to ask is
> "Can you take the audio from a pickup track and use it in the other engines?"

I don't think you can save directly from a pickup machine (have to check that) but you can can re-sample to a flex for sure..