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cheap sampler (w/ vari-speed control?)

ok all this talk of "cheap samplers"

does anyone know of any "cheap samplers" that have vari-speed option (ability to slow down or speed up samples?)

my sampler experience is very limited:
dod d12 (had four 6-sec samples, didn't do vari-speed but you could add LFO option to it)
gemini 1224 (or something like that-dj sampler-had like a 1 sec, 2, sec, 4 sec and 12 sec sample. did have a pitch control which sort of did the same thing i guess) didn't have good output (rca ins/outs)
had both korg kaoss pad 1,2, mini.... my memory is that 1,2 you couldn't play over the samples (i guess us guitarists like to play over things)

i currently have a behringer thing, that also has a pitch control option. (also uses rca ins/outs)

i know a while back i was looking at one of the korg electribe units (i think it's the es-1 unit)...i think i was sort of afraid  of it, b/c it looked like a spaceship controls (i'm a dumb guitar player)

just curious if anyone had any suggestions....

i realize this may be hard b/c it appears the DJ/sampler world has gone all software/laptop computers....