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Re: I really need some advice for Senior Project

A few thoughts:

1- Break the 'last minute' habit! It will help you later in life!


2- Get your grammar teacher to grade this inquiry! What you learn from him/her will help you later in life!


3- This is not necessarily a forum for electronic music although some here do use similar equipment and techniques. What prior experience do you have with 'electronic music' (or music in general) and what instruments do you play? What equipment do you have available to create, record and arrange a musical piece and do you already have some experience using these instruments/tools? There are quite a few well-versed and imaginative musicians here who would probably be glad to throw out a few ideas but your request is too vague for anyone to offer much help without more details. And, of course, time is very short.




-----Original Message-----
From: kay'lon rushing
Sent: May 30, 2012 10:47 PM
To: "Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com"
Subject: I really need some advice for Senior Project

I have to turn in my highschool senior project proposal tomorrow if I want to be approved to work on it over summer which I do. It is a given that I want it to be about electronic music. But I dont know how to expand on that idea. It has to take at least 15 hours of working on it. I was thinking about doing reasearch on different styles of electronic music and composing an album consisting of 3-4 different styles that I researched. That would definitely take 15 hours. But I also was considering researching electronic music performance. As it is quite a mysterious subject that I really struggle understanding to this day. And for the final product I would put on a performance myself. Your feedback is far more appreciated than you can imagine as this is really last minute.