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Re: Syncing DIN Sync devices to an EDP

hi Philip

philip wrote:
Does anyone have any ideas for syncing old roland gear like TB303s and 
TR606/808s to an EDP?

here you say roland gear follows EDP

I don't need anything fancy, just for the EDP to read the BPM or the 
length of a measure.

here you say EDP follows roland gear.

EDP can sync to incoming midi.

EDP can sync to incoming audio via Beatsync, but you have to tap in loop 
EDP can sync
EDP can sync to impulse via Beatsync, try it.

EDP, (i think) can sync to impulse for whole bar length via brother sync,
and display looptime,
but I'd have to look up details, you might have to experiment.

No idea about what the roland stuff can do, does it send impulse every 
(that's what that kind of gear did pre- those ones you mentioned, and last 
I ever played around with them)