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Re: Baryton guitar strings/tuning?

Per Boysen wrote:

So I'm wondering if anyone knows what mojo is at work here?

;-) not really, but like to theorise.

The regular "standard" choice may be not ideal on a regular guitar.
At least not subjectively to some of us.

Particularly for me the regular guitar guage lacks definition
on the lower strings.
Regular strings have tension that drops for the bass side.
To me at least, there are simply too lose.

Probably I don't have an opinion that works for the regular guitarist,
but then I expect you also have a individual take on what you like in an 
maybe we coincide here.

Using the same guage and pitch at a longer scale ups the tension,
so this fits with my impression that guitar strings are generally a bit
slack for the best sound. You just upped the tension.

ok, to compare the quality of your neck with the previous one, capo
it so it's the same scale length as the original, tune to regular and see
how it sounds. (fretted notes will now be directly comparable
Most likely, you simply have a "better" neck.

and you're sure it's not just "new strings sound better" ;-)