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Re: Can I have your feedback?

kay'lon rushing wrote:
2 New Live Looping videos. Please guys let me know what you truly think.

Impressive looping technique and playing skills.
Imaginative arrangements.
Well put together, confidently played.

Good stuff.

It seems like I have no luck on getting really feedback through youtube comments. I want to improve so please let me know what you guys honestly think. Both are improvised. Links are below.

Did not guess they were improv, nice to see the arrangement being kept 
interesting like that.

ok, opinions are subjective, and there's no particular reason to believe 
my opinions
will help you improve ;-)


in this first one, the little organ figure is a bit obtrusive, which draws more attention to it's many repeats than is ideal.


whereas in the second one the equivalent organ riff blends into the 
background and becomes
supportive...helping the flow without dominating.

Didn't you ask about sounds earlier?

Sounds here are well put together, but tend to have a certain "world of 
Casio" vibe to them.
Not to say they are bad sounds, but you'd get a bigger sound world if you 
also had
sounds that were more analog/hifi to go with them.

Like with the organ sounds, you *could* replace them with some realistic 
organ samples...not because
they are bad sounds, but because that would give more contrast with the 
other sounds.

If your still reading, then another thing you might think about is getting together some supportive bass lines for your music. Get some sounds which have definition, but don't
get in the way of the other instruments. What to aim for is lines that 
push the rhythm along and
fill out the bottom end of the mix but don't draw too much attention to 
themselves or take up too
much space...can't hurt if they sound great when soloed of course.

I hope that helps,
...not that I think you *need* help, but you asked.