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recommended listening: Tim Exile's Nuissance Gabbaret Lounge, Tim Exile, 2006

Hello! As you know, we post a lot of recommended listening threads 
regarding albums full of 
loops, whether they be live loops or studio pop music loops; if there's a 
loop on every ... 
single ... song, we think it's worth mentioning. Well, this album happens 
to contain live looping. You 
may remember Tim Exile from three years ago, opening for Imogen Heap for 
the North American 
tour, when Imogen's Ellipse CD came out. Well, Tim Exile, the live looper 
remixer, has been doing looping and mixing for many years. Well, back in 
2006, he did an 
album called Tim Exile's Nuissance Gabbaret Lounge (it was called Gabbaret 
because of the 
Gabba software system he used). I must warn you, the album contains some 
profanity. At one point 
in the album, Exile makes a strange beat-boxing sound, and, 1 1/2 seconds 
later, you hear the 
sound repeated in loop patterns. Sometimes, he will improvise, using 
special software. Tim 
Exile's Nuissance Gabbaret Lounge; recommended for every looper; sample it 
amazon.com or allmusic.com, whatever's more accessible for you.
Tyler Z