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Re: Can I have your feedback?

I found this really interesting, as Rick said:
I'm not a quantize nazi by any means, but rhythmic mistakes (or variations from what would be a perfectly quantized drum track) are really amplified, especially at low speed and in this piece, your rhythmic composition is sophisticated and laudable but for me, your execution is inaccurate enough from a perfectly quantized track to be distracting. That said, my wife has accused me of having to "fine toothed" a rhythmic comb at times, so it would be good to hear
if others heard what I heard in the tracks.
On which Andy commented:
"no, except that repeating organ figure in piece did seem a bit lumpy.. "

I, too, had been hearing what rick describes (the inaccurateness that is destracting, even a little disturbing when the drums are first laid down), then I found that when the track develops that it works like that "run of the mill groove with a twist" effect - and was curious what others, especially guys like "I learned to play precisely like a drum machine with any swing setting in single-percent steps" Rick perceived.

Then again: if this was unintended, it might just be that the next time you play it, it will end up just a tad bit too sloppy to work well, so it might be advisable to practice this. If it was by design - then well done imo ;).