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Re: EDP question: unrounded multiply directly into overdub?

hi Rainer,

3 ways

1) be in Overdub before you start the Mult
2) during Mult, hit Overdub first(which will start a *rounded* mult ending 
in overdub) then hit Rec to make the Mult unrounded

3) make initial loop 2 cycles, that can be done by hitting Insert twice 
half way through the recording, then end the mult with Overdub

setting to cut loop length accurately in 2
Quant = 8th
8th/cycle = 2


Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
Hi EDP specialists,

I have a EDP-related question:
First of all, I don't have an EDP available, rather am writing something for an EDP user, so the "try it" version does not work here...

So, here's the use case:

I start to record a loop with 2 beats length, then switch to half-speed - 4 beats. Only other modifications are overdubs. Then (while still in halfspeed), I want to shorten the loop to its first half (2 beats) and immediately go into overdub.

I seem to understand that for shortening a loop, the only way is to do Multiply->Record. So how do I get this immediate overdub after I end multiply? Tricky Quant/Round settings?