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Re: EDP beatsync and brothersync

Hi Philip

Brother Sync works when Sync=In
(it's not in the manual, but that is the case).

What I don't think will work is feeding BeatSync to one EDP
and then hoping the other EDP will follow by Brothersync.

In fact, it definitely won't work for Stereo, because if it did work you'd
have to record on the master EDP first before recording the slave loop.

You need to feed the Beat sync signal to both EDPs,
in which case there's no problem if they're Brother Synced.


philip meyers wrote:
I'm not exactly clear from the manual whether it is possible to use beatsync and brother sync at the same time.

I'm thinking of taking one of the individual outs from an 808 into the beatsync jack and using that EDP as the master for a pair of EDPs (brothersync'd in stereo)

I only have access to one working EDP right now, so I can't test this at home.