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Looper's Jam Session, Saturday 6/23 in Seattle

Hi, my name's Rob Jellinghaus and I need your help.  I'm working on a Kinect live-looping music project named Holofunk.  I recorded this last week to give you a taste of what it does:


I am calling anyone who's interested in weird music, software art, NUI hacking, or 21st century DJ'ing. I'd like to set up Holofunk, demo it a bit, let anyone try it who wants to, and hopefully play with whatever toys or equipment you all bring, possibly resulting in some kind of face-melting free-form electronica jam session, who knows?
Some awesome Burning Man friends in Seattle have extended me the offer of their lovely space on Saturday, June 23rd (two weeks from this Saturday), starting at 3:00 PM and running until approximately 6:00.  Things can run later than 6:00 and turn into general mayhem and loop long into the night if that's what happens.  Some refreshments will be provided. Bring a bottle to share if you wish!
Please reply directly to me if you're interested in attending, and I'll send you the 411.  (If you just want to talk about Holofunk, please reply to the list :-)
Now let's find out if there are any northwesterners other than myself on this list....
(p.s. If you want more background on Holofunk, please check http://holofunk.codeplex.com or http://robjsoftware.org -- I've corresponded with Rick Walker about it a bit, and there is a chance I'll be at the looper's conference in Santa Cruz in October.)
Check my blog --> http://robjsoftware.org