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Re: Auto Swells

Talking about swells,one thing that bothers me about them is that cut off which happens randomly,i really prefer to use the guitar or volume pedal with a delay to achieve that effect
by the way any interesting delay combinations with the M9 you d like to share?

When using the auto-volume/delay I have learned to control the effects of accidentally having notes with full attack ring out loudly because I had not  been careful to dampen my strings before initiating the next swell, thats a technique thing, the more reckless i am about it, the more likely that is going to happen, but i've also learned to use it in interesting ways, for example with a long slope of the auto volume/delay preset (where I usually like to set the effect), I can start to play  a repeating figure that I start to accelerate as I start to play it harder and the end result is the line swells in but if you keep playing hard it stays at the peak of the volume threshold so you will hear all of the attack as you continue playing the lick, I will usually stop a lick like that abruptly with some delay trail, which allows me to get back to the original volume starting point. as far as delays on the M-9 pretty much the same combo of stuff i've been using for a while now, my basic bank has as the first two options the auto volume delay and the reverse, the second two options are dynamic delay and sweep delay, and the last two options are two different stereo delays as I'm fond of setting complimentary beat sub divisions, which is how i get the variety out of multiple delays they are all synced to the tap tempo or midi clocked to my LP-1. I also use a volume pedal but i rarely take it out of the studio and i use my volume controls on my electric guitars and lap steels as well, often in concert with the AVD effect.  but the thing is if I'm triggering commands on a midi pedal and working _expression_ pedals for my effects as well i don't really have an extra leg for riding a volume pedal in the traditional way steel players do. Well my wife says i do but she is just being nice. On my normal gig rig where i do things like back up singer songwriters like in the band Dream Beach whose music is online, the principle songwriters have me play entire tunes using this effect which inhabits the same timbrel territory  as a pedal steel guitar with out sounding necessarily country, its what has become for me an essential element in my sound.. Its why I'm hoping some one will come out with a true ADSR in a pedal, perhaps even with an _expression_ pedal port so you could continually vary the attack rate if desired, or act as a strait volume pedal if so desired. In my looping rig I have an M5 running to a tc flashback and in to a time factor, in that rig both the time factor  and the M5 are receiving midi clock from the Looperlative, the TC is not but is what I will use it as a texture in  first loop creation and for delays i don't need to be locked to midi clock. lately I've been particularly found of using the flashback for  a full 6 seconds of backwards delay and doing quantized captures on the looperlative of those sounds.