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any interest in a Looper's Delight online radio station?

Hello! This would require a person skilled in radionomy.com or any of 
those online 
radio-stream programs. I could probably set it up myself. I would have to 
learn a little. My idea 
is an online radio station called LD Radio. It probably wouldn't be live 
broadcasting, but 
we would have a playlist. LD Radio would play songs from the Looper's 
Delight disks, from the Y 
2 K 6 loop fest for LD 10th anniversary (even though that link is gone 
from the LD home 
page, Google it; you'll still find the LD 10th anniversary recordings), 
videos from the 
Livelooping Youtube channel converted to mp3 using a site like 
samples from the Looper's Delight file library (which works, finally!), 
whatever anyone sends in, and 
artists that aren't even on Looper's Delight. Some songs by common names 
(Britney Spears, 
Cher, Kesha, Jason Derulo, DJ Wich) ... one listen, and you hear so many 
repeated (looped) 
sounds that you think they lost their minds! So we might throw in some pop 
music (as long as the pop songs 
we play have lots of looped samples), and indie musicians not on LD 
(bigger name ones such as 
Imogen Heap, Morcheeba, Tim Exile, etc.) to lesser-known ones (Lizzie 
Kazmierski, Asianglow, etc). Of course, all our Looper-delighters will be 
heard on there 
too; Per Boysen, Michael Peters, Andy Butler ... you name it, and it has 
loops (live or 
not) in it, we'll play it!
Tyler Z