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Re: Finding "gigs"

When I first started trying to get 'live looping' gigs, I just went out and
tried to find small, struggling art galleries and coffee shops:

Any place that was open minded and could use 15 or 20 people coming into their

Another approach is to put together a battery powered setup and go 'busk'
on the street.

You're coming to the festival in October, right?
That'll be a nice venue for you. I'd make sure that you video tape it or get someone to video for you, so that you can put it up on youtube (and also hand it , in the form of a DVD , to any potential venue that
you are trying to play at).

Good luck,


On 6/17/12 8:52 PM, kay'lon rushing wrote:

I've always wanted to play some "gigs" well not really gigs because i think I'd do them for free. but anyways I live in Sacramento and I dont know of any places to play at that would even allow me to. Being in such a conservative city i dont see much going on out here as far as music goes unless im just under a rock. but what would a 17 year old kid do to build up a local fan base?