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New videos on You Tube

Hi folks,

I've posted two new videos on You Tube --

"Pulsation with Unheard Voice" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XiTU2pg7Lois an improvisation taken from AHNE 2012. AHNE (Analog Heaven Northeast) is an annual gathering of analog synthesizer enthusiasts put on by my friend and long time collaborator Eric Crawley. An afternoon demo session is followed by an evening jam, and I have had the pleasure of adding video improvisation to the jam session for the past few years,

"Pulsation with Unheard Voice" was performed by Doctor T, Video Mixing, Eric Crawley and Paul Lord, synthesizers, and Mike and Linda Bullock video synthesizer. The title is an indirect reference to a video sequence of a woman talking into a headset that I obtained from a stock video tape and used heavily in this piece.

"Spaces" (http://youtu.be/EmkMkaUWGLI) is another improvisation taken from AHNE 2012. "Spaces" was performed by Doctor T, Video Mixing, and Eric Crawley, Paul Lord, Mike and Linda Bullock, Bob Chidlaw, and Kyle Jarger synthesizers.

BTW Some of my photography can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/22231918@N06/collections/72157603627170351/
" Practice makes perfect, imperfect is better."  -- Paul Bley

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