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Am 25.06.2012 23:07, schrieb Ricky Graham:
I remember reading on here that some of you use NINJAM. Can anyone
offer a quick insight on how to set-up your own server on a Mac?
Used to use it (quite a lot) in the past, together with many list members (including Rick Walker, Krispen Hartung, Tony K, Jeff Duke, Os, Daryl Shawn, Per Boysen, Brian Good, ...) and I did ninjam-based events at some list-member-organized festivals (y2k6loopfest, Finloop 2008, BEMF3 - the last one was a blast especially, including killer sets by Hartung/McFaddin/Shawn/Good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c652w0v3IC8 as well as Hay/Honda/Goodin/Romano, and I had a blast joining Hallock/Boysen/Bearpark).

There's even an album of some stuff:

Plus, Daryl Shawn and Jim Goodin had a project named Chinapainting based on that technology (they met, if I'm not mistaken, at my event at y2k6loopfest virtually and did an album together via ninjam: http://chinapaintingmusic.com/).

And yes, I also had a lot of fun with Jeff Duke ;).

So, what is it about?

First of all, the software seems to be somewhat dead code (i.e. hasn't been worked on since 2005, but the sources are available). It's integrated into the Reaper DAW, and Os has done a free plugin version as an Audio Unit: http://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/ninjamplugin.html

Ok, got carried away a little - sorry, no knowhow about setting up on mac, but I'm sure Os in an expert on this ;). Sorry for the rant, but I just enjoyed remembering that stuff...