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West Michigan-based looping artist Lizzie Kazmierski

Hello, loopers! I wanted to tell you about this back when I signed up for 
Looper's Delight, but 
I had to do some mastering and uploading work that I finally got a chance 
to get done. This is all about 
Lizzie Kazmierski! Now, as you know by the subject, she is a looping 
artist based out of West 
Michigan. She started looping around 2010-2011 (about the same time I 
did), but she's been good at 
music composition since at least 2003. I've been working with her since 
March of 2010, but I would 
like to focus on her solo work (our collaborations haven't been recorded). 
Very much like me, some of her 
favorite looping is the studio-processed stuff found in pop music (such as 
Britney Spears and 
Cher), and "semi-pop" loops such as Imogen Heap. Imogen Heap is one of her 
singers! Lizzie uses a Microkorg (a keyboard made by Korg that has a 
vocoder). Ever since about June 2011, she has used a Braillenote Apex to 
do her looping. She 
released a looping piece in April 2011 where she used a Braillenote 
Mpower, but the quality is 
much lower. I'd share her vocoded cover of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek 
that she did in late 
2010," but that isn't really appropriate for a looping site. I'm going to 
share some of her original 
work. Here are some recordings of Lizzie and her lovely little looping 
Summer 2011: Metallic Filament
Metallic Filament is a musical piece that starts out with the sound of a 
lawn mower and the sound of a 
windchime. This goes for 36 seconds. After a few seconds of silence, the 
piano music suddenly 
comes in. A whooshing sound (originally recorded on some unidentified 
tape, but got sampled 
digitally) keeps looping throughout the song, making the "simulated tape 
loop" effect.
Fall 2011: Signals
Another great masterpiece from Lizzie, a little piece called Signals. This 
song starts out with the sound 
of sirens, which are loops. Multiple audio tracks of the sirens harmonize 
with each other as they 
loop, creating musical chords. The sirens eventually stop, and techno-type 
music (generated by her 
Microkorg) is heard. Preprogrammed loops of electronic drum-beats and such 
are heard in 
the Microkorg section.
March 2012: Glimmers of Calligraphy
Visually impaired musicians frequently have their way of representing 
visual things. Since 
calligraphy is a visual thing, Lizzie has her form of what you might call 
calligraphy" or "sound imaging." In Lizzie's library of over 200 sound 
effects, she has 
the "stonecutter sound." This sound loops throughout the piece, as her 
Microkorg tracks play a very 
well-written musical piece.
April 2011: Clouds and Dust
You may wonder why I went back to 2011 at the end; why I didn't put this 
one before 
Metallic Filament. Well, it's because this piece was recorded before 
Lizzie got her Braillenote 
Apex; she still had her Braillenote Mpower at that time, which, as you 
will be able to tell, is much lower quality 
as far as sound. (For your information, I haven't upgraded yet; I still 
use Mpower).
I hope you have enjoyed this little write-up and audio experience 
regarding Lizzie Kazmierski, the 
looping artist that changed my life, and turned me from a generic music 
person to a loop person.  
If the links don't work, blame me; these are my servers.
Tyler Z